Thursday, October 29, 2009

Show and Tell! WOW!

It's always so much fun whenever we get together for a group work day because the first thing we do is start pulling out all those projects we've been working on since last we gathered and show them off. Yesterday was especially fun! This is Joan's finished top from our last group project day--it's her Christmas fan quilt which she turned into a dresden plate design. She did a great job by adding the green sashing strips--really makes the green in the "plates" pop. Gorgeous! Rich. Very Christmasy.
Let me see--this is Ellen's "garden twist" design that she has turned into a Christmas tablecloth. I love it. It's amazing how we all used the same fabric selection and turned those fabrics into totally different projects. Beautiful.
And this is Ellen's autumn/Thanksgiving table runner. (She has a thing about table runners! She turns them out like crazy!)
Another project using the same set of Christmas fabrics. Drin used them to make the Jacob's Elevator pattern that the rest of us made weeks ago. I think she's glad she waited and used the Christmas motif--it is really gorgeous.
And this was my project for yesterday--done in a day. A Christmas table runner. I wasn't sure I wanted to tacke a "quilt-as-you-go" project, but Ellen helped me get started and it turned out pretty darn good. I will probably make another.

We had a really fun day--and Drin redeemed herself when she brought the best cake ever--the famous Hershey's Chocolate Cake. And with "scratch" 7-minute frosting it was absolutely delicious. Thanks, Drin. You are totally redeemed! So, what are you bringing next week????


Jenny said...

I love the very first one (Joan's) and I love Drin's also! Here's my address and they can put them in the mail to me any time:

JUST KIDDING!!! But I really do love them ;-)

Kelle said...

Hey, yours is beautiful and done in a day to boot, WOW!

I really like them all but with Thanksgiving coming up and I really like harvest patterns I like the Thankgiving runner best, please pass this on to the creator, thanks!