Sunday, May 27, 2012

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I love the new "bounty" in my life. I've joined "Bountiful Baskets" and am able to order a basket of fresh vegetables and fruits every week in Dillon. Not only can I pick up my basket, but I can order other items in bulk. I am lovin' it!
This is the truck that brings all this "bounty" to Dillon. It is huge! I don't know how many stops this truck makes before it gets to us, but it carries a whole lot fresh pproduce.
The volunteers are getting organized to start loading the baskets.
"Counting" is a big deal with Bountiful Baskets - making sure that everything is on site.
All the bulk items are separate from the baskets.
Busy volunteers.
My 20 pounds of lemons!
My first batch of Sliced lemons that I have dehydrated and is now ready to pulverize into powder - lemon powder which can be added as flavoring to cookies, frosting - whatever I'm cooking.
My 8 pounds of strawberries - well 7 pounds as I gave away one of them!
I don't have time to dehydrate all the 20 lbs of lemons, so I'm juicing about half of them and freezing the juice in ice cube trays that I will be able to use when I need fresh lemon juice. I'm so clever!
My strawberries are washed, hulled, sliced and ready to go into the freezer to be used for my summer baking - pies, shortcake, cream and sugar, smoothies. Yum!
This is my ice cube tray full of lemon juice ready to freeze.
And finally my fresh pineapple sliced and bagged to use for smoothies. Love those smoothies. I also did sliced apples for a pie, and mashed bananas ready to make some banana bread. Just can't bear to let any of this wonderful "bounty" go to waste. It is so delicious!