Monday, October 12, 2009


I happened to catch this cow moose at breakfast this morning in our front yard. It's always such a treat for me when the moose are wandering around--munching!
I got so involved shooting this one that I was close to being late for my dental appointment in town. Had to put the pedal to the metal! (I will probably put this one in photoshop and do some work on it--I really like it.)
She was really beautiful. I got some good shots. They are rarely spooky--take little notice of people hanging around. (Remember you can click on the images to see them full size.)
It was pretty cold this morning at about 6 degrees, so I did some of my shoot from behind the glass--it was a lot warmer!
This is how moose munch when breakfast is on the ground! It's really funny to watch them down on their knees to eat. But I love watching them. It's one of the pleasures and gifts of living here.

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