Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby Pumpkins. . . ?

The original "baby pumpkin." (I'm really embarrassed at my "masterpiece." (???) But aren't they just the cutest! Little witch Jenny and pumpkin Katie. Must have been cold out there! Katie looks pretty well bundled up.
And now for the next generation of "baby pumpkins!" Obviously, Katie is much more the artist than was I when I was making a pumpkin costume for her!

And now I have to tell the rest of the story. Walt has related now about how he had a pumpkin costume when he was a boy and I remember at some point with one of her little ones Jenny also had a pumpkin costume! This is obviously a set-in-stone family tradition. Baby pumpkins for halloween. How adorable is Luna. (You can check out the rest of Katie's pictures of Luna here.)

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