Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Down Time for the Gang

 Allie - coloring?  Guess so!
 Dad and Caleb looking for a toy in the cupboard.
 Zack's working on the books - now that's not fun!
 The babies always love the bottom shelf of my tin collection!
 He is so adorable.
 And all the kiddos love the piano - and I love listening to them play.  Such a delight!  Music in our house - makes it sing!
Another one!!!

Too Much Snow? Is That Possible???

Getting ready for a day of snowmobiling - and of course, that means attaching a sled to the back and throwing kids into the snow in every which direction!  Zack's really good at that and everybody has a blast!
 Allie, Jenny and Caleb waiting for their turn.
 It was a perfect day to sit on the deck and enjoy the sun while watching the snowmobile activities.

 Caleb got in trouble. . . .
 Time for Jacob to take a cookie break!
 Allie and Noah
 Zack and Kirk off for a walk
 Repairs on a stuck clutch - well, get it unstuck!
 Jacob was sure he could catch the snowballs dad Zack was throwing at him.  He didn't catch them, but I did!

 Little boys and dogs.  This one is Kirk's dog, Mildred.
 Uh, oh.  Emily's in the driver's seat!  Good thing she's a good driver.
Bring Sophie back safely!

Backyard Playground!

 This Chico puppy loves the snow as much as our Poncho puppy did!  So happy to be outside.
 Especially if the Gang kids are around!

 Ahhhh.  Good clean snow.  What a treat!  Why didn't we get out the maple syrup?  Yum.  That would have been a something special!
 Emily's up to her neck in . . . .
 Digging deep - for China???
 Not sure what she's digging for, but she's doing a great job.  Shovel, Emily!
 Quite the "digs" they have going out here.
 Looks like fun.
 Hey, Josh!  Is that for the the snowman contest?
Looks like a winner to me!

Just For Fun

 A man, his dog in winter.
 This is a looooooong lens!  Emily is on the hill behind our house by the red chairs.  I took the shot from our back porch.
Our sledding hill "out back."
A view of our house from the top of our sledding hill.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Time for Snowman Building

Snowman building is a winter tradition for the Gang.

 This cute little snowman was constructed by Noah and Sophie.
 I thought it was delightful!

 Matthew had fun lying in the snow - eating it!  It's clean - mountain clean!

 Almost done.
 Dinner time after a long day outside and Jacob may look like he's awake, but he was actually asleep with his eyes open!
 Caleb was happy to be fed - such a cutie.  (Our "antique" high chair.)