Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Walt! #65 !!!

I didn't get any birthday pictures, but I did get pictures of the table for our dinner party!  I think it is one of my favorite tables ever!  Love it.  And of course, Walt is thrilled to finally be able to retire!!!!!!   Right. . . .

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Puppy Pop!

What a pair they are!  Chicotito hears his "pop" and he goes running - guess he's a lot more fun than I am!

Color My World White

White puppy in a white world!  Looks like we have another snow dog - and what a cutie he is!  Three months old today and adorable.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Montana Bar Hopping!

I recently bought a book called "Montana Watering Holes" and after looking at it, we decided it would be fun to use the book as an excuse to do daytrips and weekend trips around Montana and do some exploring.  Yesterday was a fabulous autumn day, so we decided to take off to Anaconda and explore the three bars there that are listed in our book.  The Club Moderne was the only "watering hole" that we visited after all - Sladich's is closed and we drove past The Owl and kept on driving!  Scary!!!  We were warned so decided to pass that up.
I got some great photos in the two places we visited yesterday - wonderful photo op - but this blogger upload is driving me crazy, so this is the only picture I'm loading today.  I've been at this for at least an hour.  Maybe next time.  Check out my facebook page - the uploader there is excellent.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby Bubba

- and his best friend, Suzi Q (my mother's bichon puppy, two months older than Baby Bubba.  (One of these days I will get around to calling him Chico - which is his name - or Chicotito - but for now he's my Baby Bubba!)  And he is a cutie patootie.  They both are.  They are having SO MUCH FUN!  They will be lonely little puppies when I head home tomorrow.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Good Ole Days - Long Ago and Far Away

We went to the KC Renaissance Fair yesterday - what a great photo op!  It was a glorious, sunshine autumn day that was just cool enough to need a sweater.  The Fair is located in a beautiful wooded area which is perfect for such an event, but unfortunately for photography, it means there are lots of dappling shadows!  But the setting was really great and the costumes and colors were absolutely fabulous.  Walt and Katie, I hope you are enjoying these photos - I'm getting them posted as quickly as possible so you can share with us in all our family fun.  This will be my last post from Kansas as I head west toward home tomorrow.

Walt and I came here the autumn of 1989 with Katie when we were living at Fort Leavenworth.  It will be fun when I get home to get out the photo albums and check out the pictures that I took then!

These were the belly dancers and very difficult to see, but I loved the swirling skirts and the color.

Fairies everywhere.

The costumes were amazing.  Obviously the participants have huge investments in costumes.

Of course, there was jousting!

Here is Josh flying high.

And Noah.

And even little almost-four Jacob got into the act.   He loved it!

Our little towheads.  (Matthew, Jacob, Noah)

This was the funniest.  Zack had Caleb on his shoulders and the baby was grabbing Zack's hair and sucking on it!  Hilarious!

Jacob and Zack sharing peanuts.

More fairies.

The only time Caleb was in the stroller was when he was sleeping!  Here is Sophie carrying him.  Everybody in this family has strong arms!

BIG dog.  His name was Hercules. . . .

This "park" has been here for thirty years and some of the buildings are very well done.  It's really a fun place.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Gorgeous Girls

They have changed blogger uploader again - just as I got the other system figured out.  It would be nice if they would just leave things the same for a few days so I don't have to mess with it.  So these are now once again out of order.

Sophie and Caleb

Red velvet cheesecake - Allie and Sophie's choice for dessert at Cheesecake Factory where we had our "Girls Lunch" on Saturday.  I was missing two of my Gorgeous Girls - Katie and Luna.  But we had a delightful lunch together.

My lettuce wrap was excellent.  Second only to PF Chang.

After lunch we headed over to the Jessica McClintock shop to purchase a dress for Allie for Homecoming.

Of course, Caleb came with us.

This is the dress she finally chose.  Not a great picture, but an absolutely adorable dress.

Supposedly, this would have gone at the top.