Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snapshots from Germany

I have no clue how many pictures I took while we were in Germany, but it was a bunch.  A few of my favorites here.  I can never decide if I prefer landscape shooting or people shooting!  So here's some of both.

 Visit to the "Hangar" to see Roger and Sheila.
 We celebrated Thanksgiving while we were there - a little early, but we were very thankful to be together.
 What a cutie enjoying her new purse - PINK purse!
 Katie's pumpkin carving display.
 The village of Pottenstein.  Very interesting rock formations in this area.
 A mill in Pottenstein.
 Windows, reflections and flowers - some of my favorite things to photograph.
 And of course, I love to photograph doors - and this one is must unusual and unique.
 This is an abbey we visited while we were with Roger and Sheila.
 Taken at Sheila and Roger's.  Adorable outfit with her little shorts.  She's a natural.
 Luna and one of her "tutu" skirts.  She loves them!
 Grampa and Luna at play - they did a lot of that!  I think "spider" was their favorite game!
 And then we celebrated Walt's birthday - the big #65!  It was a few days late, but we didn't care - we were together!  And boy, was that a good spice cake - thanks, Katie!
 Luna on her "mommy" pony.  Katie was much like this at age three - some very unusual outfits!  Like mother, like daughter.
 Shopping in Nurnberg.

 Mannequin covered in gummies!  Cool.
 Nothing is impossible with Legos.
 One of the cathedrals in Nurnberg.
 One of the altstadt towers in Nurnberg.
 Gramma with her favorite little lulu.
 Missing her a lot.  She is delightful.
 We went to Bamberg the day before I left.  Love this image.  Notice the blankets on the chairs.  It's rarely too cold to sit outside and drink espresso.  Cold espresso!!!
 Kathe Wohlfahrt is everywhere!  The original, of course, is in Rothenberg.
 Typical house front.
 Love this curved street.  That's Katie in the foreground - shopping!  No, actually she has a website for information for ex-pats living in Germany, so she's always checking new places to shop, things to do, places to visit, local events - that kind of thing.  It's excellent.  Keeps her busy.  Along with her three-year-old!

 The river flowing through Bamberg.  Love this shot.
 Look!  I'm standing on my head!
 Katie and Luna at play.  I got some great videos of them playing.
 Check out the ponytail!
 It was a game.  I won.  Well, sort of.  Katie did this to me.  I think she used waterproof mascara - it some real scrubbing to get it off!
Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris which was my transit airport on my way home.  Really beautiful!


Katie and I were walking the streets of Nurnberg when we happened on this street performer "blowing bubbles."  Precious images of an adorable little girl.

Friday, November 5, 2010