Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'll Sing in the Sunshine

Kansas sunshine, that is!
Kansas Sunrise.  Got lucky on this one!
This is how we start our day.  Every head of hair is combed!
Baby Caleb entertaining himself.
Josh is working on a science experiment - with a little from Jacob!
A perfect day to be outside in the sunshine on the tire swing.
I love this image!  Unfortunately, the feet are just a little blurry - difficult shot!
Jacob mows the lawn most every day!
We stopped at the new cupcake shop after lunch.  Decisions!  Decisions!
Love the colors
More color
Noah especially liked his peanut butter cupcake.  You can see the 'joy' on his face.
Water shots are some of my favorites.  I'm going back here with my 'real' camera and have some fun!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Gang Activities!

Noah on the zip line at Jumping Jax!

Allie working out in her Spirit Day 80's Work Out Gear

Just so cute.

She was late - REALLY late

Brothers Three at Jumping Jax.

Love this picture of Noah and Matthew

Noah had so much fun

Matthew on the zip line

Noah in the fire truck at Light Up the Night Cancer Walk last night.

Zack and his boys in the fire truck (Jacob, Matthew, Noah & Caleb)

Jacob in the hamster ball

Matthew in the hamster ball

And Noah

We all got to wear flashing lights around our necks.

Miss Allie and her flashing lights and hand-decorated jeans.  (She's very creative - of course, she can't wash the jeans, but they're quite decorative)

Jacob and his fireman's hat.

One of the entertainers was spinning balls on our fingers. 

Even for Matthew

And Sophie

And Noah

Even Josh!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Day With The Gang

Mr. Josh Man on Zack's latest project - a tire swing.  The Gang loves it!
A day of target practice with Josh's beebee gun requires an original target designed and executed (pun intended!) by our artist ? Sophie.  (A buck-toothed buck - pun intended!!!)
Yesterday was rather wet and not nice to be outside so I took the three "mouseketeers" (pun intended) to Chuck E Cheese where we spent a whole FOUR hours.   That's ok - I had time to finish reading my book "Wet Noses at the Pearly Gates" which is wonderful.
Jacob thinks he's big enough for everything!  If his brothers can do it, he can do it!
Noah and Matthew sharing a horse ride.
Allie sharing her music with Jacob while she does her homework.  Amazes me how they do homework these days.
Sophie at the other end of the counter hard at it.  Amazes me how they are able to do their homework.
Emily didn't have homework to do, but she did have "housework" - her daily chores.  Needless to say, each of the Gang has a daily chore. 
Allie decided to pay a visit to Emily's hamster.  She called him 'cute.'
During her visit she renamed this little guy "Princess". . . .  Emily probably doesn't know that.
Jenny and Caleb were smooching.
He's probably going to be our only thumb-sucker!  Just like his mom!
Say what?
Cutest baby lately!