Saturday, October 10, 2009

Autumn Angst and Moose Drool

Well. Today is the 10th day of October. This is what I got up to this morning. Lots of snow. And the temperature was exactly 2 degrees above zero. That's cold. I'm going through a lot of firewood considering that it is the 10th day of October.
That's about 6 inces of snow on the table on the deck. I'm beginning to have some real angst about autumn this year. I can't figure out if it's autumn or-or-or-or early winter. Could be a long one if it's actually starting now. I don't see any warm days in the coming forecast. It never got above 18 degrees today.
There's a lot of hungry birds out there. This is just one of our four feeders--every one was teeming with chickadees and sparrows. Even have a pair of stellars jays hanging around. They are beautiful birds. Good thing I had a supply of bird seed.
Now this is the weirdest thing of all. The aspen still have green leaves. We have had some color, but very little. Most of the aspen are still wearing their coats of green. Really weird. Sure makes me wonder. . . . Must have something to do with global warming. Ya think???

I had moose in the back yard yesterday and got some pictures of them, but for some reason they won't load. There was a great huge granddaddy bull moose stalking his prey--a cow with her calf feasting on the willow bush beside the summer house. (I got some really good pictures of him.) The bulls are in the rut. We never see bulls hanging around except when it's time to find a cow. Today when I came home from the post office there were 5 (five!) bulls around the house. No cows anywhere to be seen--just the bulls. They must have been waiting. . . anticipating!


Jenny said...

Emily thinks THIS will be our year for snow at your house!!

Linda said...

I sure do hope so. It's certainly shaping up that way. Tell her to be praying for snow.

Joyce said...

Peaking in at your blog today because I spotted the name on another comment form and thought the name was cute. Your home is BEAUTIFUL. Now the snow...well I am wearing shorts and have just cranked up the AC even if it is raining out. I think that Mother Nature is teasing you with all that snow so early in the season. Drive carefully and enjoy a cup of hot coco.