Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shopping With Luna

We went to Nuremburg yesterday to go shopping.  It's a great city for walking and shopping and people watching and eating and enjoying medieval architecture and . . . .  (Especially when the sun is shining!)

 Here we are - shopping with the Queen!  And she's learning from a master.  :-)
 Shopping for buttons is always fun - even if she doesn't need any!
 And these are particularly intriguing.
 Look, Mama!  There's a puppy in the store!  And he likes me.
 I see furs in my future. . . .
 Time for a little break.  (Mama's practicing her shopping!)

 I think I like this shirt the best.
Guess I won't need one of these for a few years!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's A Challenge! Hooray!

My quiilt buddies came today and we showed our center blocks and then drew numbers to begin the "round robin" challenge exchange.  Each one of us in the round robin exchange will *secretly* add a border to each block and then pass it on to the next person.  We won't see our blocks until each of our buddies has added a border to it and then we'll get it back - as a total surprise.  Should be fun!  So here's our blocks:

 This beautiful block was made by Ellen.
 And this beauty was created by Drin.
 This "welcome" pineapple was made by Joan.
And this is my contribution to the challenge.  I made this block about 20 years ago (!) and have been saving it for something really special.  This is it!

The interesting thing about our blocks is that they are all applique and they are all "on point."  We plan to take about a month per rotation (skipping December, of course) so we'll be back with our finished blocks for show and tell in a few months!  Stay tuned!  Should be exciting.

Monday, October 3, 2011

More Color!

 I never tire of taking reflection pictures of this pond.

 I discovered this wasp nest yesterday.  It's right by the road and I've walked past it hundreds of times and never saw it.  They're so fragile that I doubt it will last long, but for now it's beautiful.
Can't believe I've brought up wood to the porch - the aspen are still green!  But I'm on my way to Germany to visit Katie and I may want a fire when I get home.  There may even be snow!  One never knows. . . .