Sunday, May 31, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes. . .

I'm afraid there are more weeds in my rock garden than plants! I hate weeds.
This is the terraced garden in front of the house. I hate weeds.
There will never be weeds in this bed again. I've covered it with fabric and will put down bark.
The weeds are gone--where are the plants??? Guess they haven't popped through yet. More weeds around the outer edge. I'll get those with the weed killer. I hate weeds.
This worked out pretty well. I'm happy. No more weeds here--except in the driveway. . . . I was hoping to also finish the rock garden in the back yard, but had several interruptions during the day, so didn't get back there. Tomorrow. At least two of them are done--that's encouraging.
And this was one of my interruptions when Kirk and Isaac showed up to get the mowers going so I can mow and to get the sprinkler system up and running. Can't believe how dry it is already. I couldn't live here with Walt being gone as he is if I couldn't call on Kirk to keep everything operational. He's the greatest. My miracle worker!! Bless him--and keep him healthy!!!
Not sure this lawn mower is going to make it! At least I never did see flames. He said he would come back and work on it later. . . . It was fun to watch anyway.
We have some of the most amazing skies here in these mountains with the beautiful blue and awesome cloud formations and the light. I love photographing them. (You can click on the image to see it full-size, if you like.)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunset Inspiration

Kirk came and put the pump in the pond so now we have our wonderful waterfall. I love the sound of it.
One of my birdhouses--I think it will need some help standing up this spring!
Another birdhouse. . . .
I love birdhouses. . . .
I love birds!
So does Bootsie--he's always hopeful.
One of my yard angels.
The light was so perfect in this beautiful sunset--so perfect for photography.

London/Paris: Here We Come!!!

Exactly one month from today Allie and I will be winging our way first to JFK (ugh!) and then on to Heathrow and London for our 8-day Rick Steves Tour. We will spend 4 days there, then make our way through the Chunnel (now, that's exciting!) then on a bus to drive through the French countryside to spend 4 more days in Paris! WOW! Can hardly wait. I'm planning on having lots of pictures when I get home. . . . !

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Camera Break--aka Procrastination!!!

Just playing around. I was supposed to be dealing with the huge stack of stuff on my desk--playing with the camera was more fun! Walt put up this flagpole last year and we're really happy with the way it turned out.
This is one of the blooms on my giant amaryllis. It gets about three or four blooms each spring.
Speaks for itself. The welcome mat is always out.
Love this daisy flower vase.
These boots are made for walkin'. . . .

More daisies! These are painted on my mailbox.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Leftover Lotses!

This is our beautiful goddaughter, Jessie (Lots) Coronado
with baby Francesca (Frankie).
Sophia found a friend! Poncho loves everybody.
It's always wonderful to have our antique high chair used by one of our little ones.
And this dress was Katie's special Christmas dress when she was about three! So cute!

The Scenic ByWay on Memorial Day 2009

I decided to take a day off and drive up "over the top" (the scenic byway) to check out what spring looks like up there. It was so beautiful and was very difficult to choose just a few images to post here. Above is a photo of the Grasshopper Creek before heading up over the top.

(These are out of the camera, Jessie. Remember you can double-click on the image if you want to see these gorgeous scenes full-size.)

It never ceases to amaze me that 20 minutes north out of our back door we have an amazingly beautiful pristine mountain "backyard." I'm always excited about the byway opening each spring and thoroughly enjoy every drive over it as long as it's open each year.

I took this right at the Price Creek campground area and that's Comet Mountain in the background. There's still a fair amount of snow up there, but not nearly as much as two weeks ago when the byway opened--that according to Betty.

This was taken at the switchbacks on the way down.

Wise River is running really high and wild. This is an old homestead up there somewhere. I don't know anything about it, but it's interesting.
This is right at the Maurice Homestead area.

Maverick Mountain still has some snow. I took this on my way back home.
This looks at the Sawtooth and the back side of our property.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lots of Lotses at Resort Quinta Serenidad

What a way to begin a Montana mountain spring evening--with a soft, beautiful sunset.

(Remember, you can double-click on blog images to see them full size.)

Our friends, Jim and Judy Lots, decided a getaway weekend was a good idea for this holiday, so brought some of the family (daughter, Jessie and family, and Hunter, Phil's son) to their favorite Montana mountain resort. Actually, they just come for the cooking!!! And we love having them. Sad to say, Walt is hard at work and is missing out on all this fun.
Here's our firemaker, Greg, getting a good bed of coals for some marshmallow toasting.
Maybe Hunter is feeling some of that mountain evening chill--when a fire feels really good!
It looks like Sophie doesn't even have to toast her marshmallows--takes too much time.
And Bella-with-the-broken-arm will be very adept at one-handed everything before she gets rid of that cast. She managed quite well to get her share of s'mores.
And here's the Coronado family: Beautiful Bella, Somber Sophie, Jessie and Greg. Frankie was fast asleep.
Getting out of Dodge (Salt Lake City) was just the thing for this family.
Judy and Hunter waiting for the perfect coals for their marshmallows.
Love those campfires.