Friday, October 2, 2009

A Loving Look Back Through The Decades. . . .

Katie and Bas went last weekend to Ludwigsburg, Germany, where we lived as an Army Family in 1984 - 1986. Living in Europe was a wonderful experience for all of us as a family, so it was fun seeing the pictures Katie posted that she took of the places where we lived and played. I was piqued by her post, so pulled out the photo albums and dug out some similar pictures and scanned them so I can share them. What fun!! This was the photo we used as a Christmas picture our first year there. Weren't we handsome!
This was a much more casual photo of the same background. We did love to walk down the street on a Sunday afternoon and wander around this beautiful palace. The huge rose gardens were incredibly beautiful and unmatched anywhere else I've ever been--except perhaps the rose gardens we used to walk in near to Katie's house in Columbus, Ohio.
This is a picture of Katie trying out some of the activities for children in the children's garden on the back grounds of the palace.
Jenny was much too grown up for all this kid stuff, but she did go with us.
We parked our yellow Mercedes out front of the stairwell where we lived. Loved that car! Drove it all over Europe. It was great.
And this is a picture of our apartment on the second floor of the stairwell.
Jenny's room was directly over the door of the building. . . . Can you see her???
Look closely (click on it if necessary to see it full-size) and you can see Jenny doing her favorite thing. . . .
. . . .talking to her friends out her window!
This is dark and hard to see, but the chimney sweep came in the fall to clean out the building chimneys--note the very traditional dress of the classic chimney sweep! (I couldn't resist including this photo.) If you look closely, you can see the huge metal cleaning brush over his shoulder.
The playground at the center of the Stuttgarterstrasse compound was huge. If the kids were out of school, they could probably be found out here.
Yes, Katie, there's the big green dome!
Looks like a lemonade sale.
Also couldn't resist including these two photos--this one of Katie in front of the Berlin Wall. That was a most memorable trip as we drove that Mercedes through the "corridor" from the West to the East of Germany. That's a story.
Katie is standing at CheckPoint Charlie at the entrance to East Berlin.
I also couldn't resist these goofy pictures. I can hardly believe that I had such a mop of hair! I did love those curls, though.
Pretty amazing. The sad thing is how much of that gorgeous curl has disappeared over the years. Not much left of it.
This is much better!!!

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