Thursday, October 22, 2009

On The Road Again. . . .

DingDong and TheBoss in front with Moan&Groan and Flash in the back, and they're off! Again! Another Shop Hop! Here we come.

We were off this morning on the annual Autumn Mini Shop Hop. We got an early start north to Deer Lodge--well, it turned out they weren't actually participating, but we like that shop anyway. The bennie for our drive up there was this delicious bakery we discovered. Unfortunately, we all sugar-overdosed on wonderful glazed treats like cinnamon pinecones--YUMMY!

From there we headed to quilt shops in Butte, then on to Whitehall, Twin Bridges and finally back to Dillon. Let me see, if I recall, I think it was about 2:30 when we got there and even then it was questionable as to whether we were actually hungry (remember the bakery treats?), but Drin said something about "The Bus" and then it didn't matter whether we were hungry or not, we headed to "The Bus!" Who can pass up the best Mexican food-------ever! Anywhere! (I had the other half of mine for supper--even then I still wasn't hungry.)

Great day. We have a lot of fun together. Thanks to our love of quiltmaking.

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