Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hmmmmmm. Very interesting. I normally rise somewhere between 5:00 and 5:30--6:00 is really sleeping in! And then this is where I spend the first couple hours of my day--in front of a nice warm fire with a hot cup of coffee. And everything you see here. Well, if you came to my house, I doubt that you would see this (!), but this is what I see.

I was sitting contemplating this morning and this table caught my attention. As I really looked at it, I realized that much of my life is represented here--the things most important to me. First of all there is my Bible. I have a yearly schedule of reading that takes me through the Old Testament one time, but twice through the New Testament. I've been using this schedule for several years now and I really like it.

So there's my Bible. Along with that I have a couple little daily devotionals that I read and then I pick up "My Utmost For His Highest" and see what Oswald Chambers has to say for the day. Then there is my prayer "book" which is a ring binder where I keep 3 X 5 cards with prayer items and requests.

Next on the table is my journal. I journal on a daily basis in the morning. I have to admit sometimes I have a hard time remembering everything I did the day before--but then that's part of the point--I decided somewhere along the line that I had to nail down every day just to prove that I had lived it--even if it was a wasted day! I want to know that I was there.

I see at least a couple photography books! One is on understanding exposure and the other is understanding shutter speed. I'm concentrating on that right now. Start out with the basics, you know. Actually, I have them out because Jenny asked me a question to which I had to look up the answer! So those represent my love of photography.

The other part of my life represented here is that stack of books on politics! Yes, I have to admit one of them is Glen Beck! Arguing With Idiots. I don't have many opportunities to argue with idiots, but I will read it anyway!

My family is represented by the prayer book, for sure. The other loves of my life would be quiltmaking and travel. Other than that it's mostly right there in front of me!!!

What a great way to start the day! (After that I head for the treadmill. . . . :-)


Jess said...

This post makes me happy:)

Kelle said...

Hey, my end table looks very similar to your coffee table. Then add in Mikes array of books and we typically have a mess. Of course nobody see this when visiting because we have a stash box it all goes into( except our Bibles and current reading books)

This is my afternoon time, mornings are hectic here on the farm, so mid-day is my time to pray, read the Word, think, and simply enjoy a moment. I've also been adding in a 15-20 minute nap*wink*