Monday, January 31, 2011


One of the most awesome moments of my life.  The birth of Caleb.  Nine months ago.  One of my forever favorite images.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going Maverick!

No!  Not Sarah Palin!  It's skiing at Maverick Mountain - the White Thunder!  I am really grateful for lunch yesterday with Karolin Loendorf (!) and Dee Boka up at the ski hill.  I knew I had to come back for skiing today.  It wasn't a sunshine day, but every other detail was perfect:  not a breath of wind, temperature at about 30 degrees and no lift line.  (Well, that last one isn't totally true since it is Saturday which is Little Skier Day so there were a few kids going up and down - but Saturday is the ONLY day that has lift lines.)  We are so lucky.

 This is where I spent the afternoon - exactly 7 minutes from our back door.  Wow.  Are we blessed or what!  I took this photo from our back porch.
 This is the view down the valley from one of the runs at the top of the mountain.  2100 feet vertical rise - a really awesome, although small, ski area.  And the lift ticket is $30 per day!  Amazing.
 If you clicked on this picture and knew exactly where to look (!!!) you could see our house!  I can look out our kitchen window and see skiers on the hill - seriously!  Without binoculars.
 Sawtooth Mountain stands out in the view from this run.
Off-loading from the lift at the top of the mountain the view to the west is of the Bitterroot Mountains.  The skiing today was so fabulous that I think might actually turn into a real ski bum!  And not a rock anywhere!!  See you on the slopes!

Fifteen Years!

Is it possible?

Yes.  We've been here now for FIFTEEN YEARS!  So we decided to celebrate this anniversary with a new washer and dryer.  Boring?  Not really.  We have a really good reason - an exciting reason.  The Gang is coming for a week of "winter play" in March and the washer was beginning to sound as though it might not withstand the assault of laundry every day for EIGHT Gang kids, so we decided we did not want to risk disaster while they are here.  Fred came yesterday to install these.  (Sorry, Jenny.  They are standard capacity - but they're new!)  Too bad they aren't red!!!  That would have zipped up my laundry days.  (Actually, I thought they were going to be white - imagine my surprise.)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Quiltmaker's Assistant!

 Every quiltmaker needs an assistant. . . .
 especially one who likes scissors. . . .
 is in the middle of everything and is very innocent!  Just look at him!  Who?  Me?  I'm helping - I'm keeping this quilt from blowing away.
 OK.  My four basket blocks are done - quilt buddies, you can come and get them! They're all different.  First come, first choice!
WOW.  Would you look at that.  Six finished quilts with binding now attached.  These will now be my evening work in turning the binding and hand stitching it on the back.  WOW.  The rest is easy.  What a good feeling!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Woman Work!

(What I do in my "work room" is not work!)

 This is what the porch with my wood supply looked like yesterday.  I knew I had enough wood for this morning, but that was absolutely it.  So like it or not (!!), that was my "work" for the day - bringing up wood.  Walt had it totally loaded for me before he left, so it actually lasted quite awhile.
So I spent about an hour (I can't carry as much with each load as Walt can so it took me a lot longer) and got the porch loaded up again.  It will probably last 7 or 8 days.  I don't mind the work - I LOVE having the fireplace - nothing better than heat from a fireplace - I can spend (waste!) a lot of time sitting on the hearth warming up my backside watching the sky out the window!  Winter is wonderful.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Day for a Winter Woman

It started snowing this morning and about four inches accumulated.  It was beautiful.  I love snow days.  Of course, that means it's a soup day, so I put on a pot of beans that I cooked for several hours and then added some shredded chicken, shrimp and kielbasa - delish!

 FINALLY.  This quilt top is done.  It has been a nightmare.  A monstrosity.  It has been on my work table for almost a year, but I have finally finished it.  I worked on it last night till late, cause I couldn't stand the thought of getting up this morning and still have it lying there waiting for me.  I will never again do a Thimbleberries project.  But I kinda like it now that it's done.
 This is what I worked on today.  I had four of these basket blocks to assemble and am now appliquing the handle on each block.  I have the flowers and dragons ready to apply as soon as the handles are done.  This I like!  A lot.
My next project is stacked up here - seven quilts that are totally finished except for the binding around the edges.  Tomorrow.  Can hardly wait to have these done and then I can start on something new!  What a great snow day this has been!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas With the Gang - Wonderful!

We had a great time with the Gang in Forida for Christmas at Disney World.  The weather didn't exactly cooperate with us as it got a bit cold on a few of the days, but the Gang wasn't about to let that deter them from taking full advantage of everything there was to do.  Matthew at age 4 going on 5 was absolutely enchanted and had a ball.  All the rest of the Gang had been there before, so they looked forward to all the fun as they knew what to expect.  Our first stop was EPCOT Center on Christmas Eve.
 Lot of shoes lined up by the door.
 EVERYBODY gets their hair spiffed up before any outing.  That's Jenny with Noah and Matthew.
 The whole Gang and Grampa and Gramma at EPCOT (notice the EPCOT ball in the background).
 Each of the kids were numbered (!) and then there were mom, dad, grampa and gramma.  T-shirts were really cool.  (Remember, you can click on the images to see them full-size.)
 The tram at EPCOT.
 Inside one of the buildings at EPCOT.  Love the balloons.
 The tree at EPCOT was magnificent.
 Christmas morning - everybody gets new Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve.  This is Allie with Caleb.
 Needless to say, Allie had a hand in decorating the Christmas tree at our house. . . .
 Stockings for the Gang of Eight.
 Grampa and Caleb.
 Jenny and Zack enjoying each other on Christmas morning - I think Jenny liked her gift!
 Jenny was talking to her sister, Katie, in Germany as she sat with the boys in the hot tub at our house.
 Allie in her "attitude" glasses.  She does have attitude!
 Love this picture of Noah - he is wearing his new "spy" glasses!  What is this "glasses" thing?!!
 Christmas Dinner - Pizza at Wolfgang Puck at Disney Downtown.  Somewhat unorthodox for Christmas dinner - but nobody went hungry!
 Allie the actor always
 Oh, if only you could see the full shot of this one!!!
 Dr. Seuss at Universal Studios Great Adventures.
 Is that Josh under there???
 Finally, we made it to Magic Kingdom at Disney World - our favorite day.
 Mickey and Minnie dressed for Christmas.
 The ever famous Dumbo ride (we did not stand in line for this one - whatever you do, DO NOT GO TO DISNEY WORLD AT CHRISTMAS.)
 Love this shot.  So beautiful at night.
 By the numbers.  The Gang showing off their t-shirts.
The house we rented - it was perfect!

Key West Sunset

We so much enjoyed sitting here on the pier in Key West and watching this magnificent sunset.  So beautiful.