Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WHEW! We Almost Missed It!

We always get snow in September. Always! But it was a really close call this year as today is the last day of September. So this is what I got up to this morning. Not much, but it is certainly is snow and it snowed off and on all day.
So this is the first thing I did when I got out of bed. Got a nice warm fire started. Beautiful, right?!

I love to sit on the hearth and soak up the warmth and look out these beautiful windows. And this is my view--all winter! Gorgeous!

This now is our Summer House dressed for winter--at least for today. We still have many beautiful autumn days left--this is very temporary.

The water fall is also dressed for winter, although still falling. I will have to pull the plug soon.

Now this is what I put up with for weeks at the end of summer--deer in my garden eating everything is sight.

I got a shot of these this morning--then proceeded to fill their butts full of birdshot. It doesn't do a lot of good, but I feel better. Besides, it's good target practice--and I rarely miss.

As I drove past Wheat Montana yesterday I stopped and stocked up on my favorite cereal in the whole world--yes, you read it right--it's 50 pounds!!! of yummy 7-Grain Cereal. If you've never tried it, you wouldn't believe how good it is. And I saved more than half by buying in bulk--and yes, I will go through it this winter. Now I'm really ready.

More beautiful flowers. Really beautiful.


BellaRosePhotography said...

Can I come live with you?

Jenny said...

We can't wait to get back for Christmas!! Are you sure your doctor is ok with you shooting at the deer? Or maybe that is good for you?!

Linda said...

Shooting at the deer is VERY good for me--relieves a whole lot of pent-up frustration. Highly recommended by my doctor!!!

Yes, Jessie you can come live with me!