Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Daisy, Daisy. . . .Bye, Bye Daisy

This is Dolly and Daisy--they've become best friends lately. That wasn't always true!
This is Daisy's new owner, Joe. Dolly knows something is up.
After his nasty accident with Daisy, Walt decided that it probably would not be healthy for him to ride her again. She needs someone who knows how to deal with 3-yr-old colts and won't get so badly broken when she acts like a colt!
She's beautiful, though, and we've loved her and she's been a lot of fun for us all.
Talk about spoiled rotten and full of personality! That's our Daisy.
We hope that she will have a happy home with Joe and his daughter, Abby.
She's a beauty. Our Daisy.
This is Drin and Ruffy being walked by Toy! He's a well-trained little dog!
I love this picture of Foxy.
Abby like playing with Jim--she was climbing up his legs.
What a cutie is Abby.

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