Monday, September 28, 2009

If It's September, It Must Be Time To Start A Christmas Quilt Project

I looked behind my sewing machine as I was working on this project and saw this really cool design happening as I stitched the spokes of my fan and they moved to the back. Liking it. Looks like a caracol (that's Spanish for--something! Can't think of the word in English!)
Smarty Pants Drin is hard at work. She's being really smug 'cause she's way ahead of the rest of us. As usual!!!
Joan is getting some helpful hints from Ellen about marking and cutting out her fan spokes.
Jeannie is trying hard to catch up with Drin! She almost made it.
This gives you the idea of what the fan/dresden plate will look like in the finished product--this is my project. Love that luscious red! Gorgeous.
Jeannie's block is looking pretty good--I like the pop of green in this one.
This is Joan's block--she decided to use the green for the center of hers.
Drin's block, of course, is totally different than the rest of ours as she decided to use a print fabric for her background. Will be fun to see how this one works up.
And Ellen is going to have a real stunner for her project. The gold really pops in this layout. We will get together again on 8 October to finish assembling these blocks into the final product and then do all the applique. Stay tuned for "the rest of the story."
Joan has invaded Drin's space with her block--she got in big trouble with the "tape nazi". . . .

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Jenny said...

OOOOOO! I want one!!!! I like Jeannie's if she doesn't have plans for it....... ;-)