Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FINALLY! It's Arrived!

When I visited Katie in Germany a year ago she had a brand-new Miele canister vacuum cleaner. I had lots of opportunities to use it while I was there and decided it was a really great vacuum. So a few weeks ago Walt's catalog of "gifts" he can order using his AmEx points came and there was a Miele vacuum in it! I was really excited as we are in need of a new vacuum so he agreed to order it for me. And today it finally arrived!
So now I will finally be able to do a decent cleaning job on all the beautiful wood floors we have. I'm so excited. I can hardly wait to clean house tomorrow! Thanks, Katie, for introducing me to this great vacuum cleaner. I love it!

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Kelle said...

I had to giggle a little, isn't it a blessing that you are so excited over a new vacuum!*wink* I, as you know can truly relate, heck I get teary eyed over a new push plow or hoe!, LOL!

Things are beginning to wind down a bit here, the garden was lost to an early frost. Bitter sweet is the feeling, glad it's finally over and yet thinking about if we'd had more time*sigh*

Now we concentrate on cleaning up, making the very most of what is left and getting it all tilled under for a winter's rest.

I'll have more time to check on everyone elses blogs soon, now I'm lucky to keep ours up and running.

Take care and blessings for your day,