Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Official--Really Official!!!

The sign says it all.
"What on earth is that?" That's what everybody was saying as Walt carried this 50 lb. propeller through St. James Hospital in Butte. I have to admit, it did look a little strange! Well, needless to say there is a story behind it. Tom's idea for decorating the Inn is to have only those things that have some meaning in the Valley or to the people in the Valley. This a propeller from a B-17 that crashed in the 40's (?) down by Horse Prairie. Not too sure how Tom got hold of it, but now it is his. The other part of this picture is that John Swartz was a crew member (turret bombadier) of a B-17 in WWII. He and his crew were flying the plane back to the States after the war when it went down in the North Atlantic. Only 4 of the 11 crew members survived and they spent several days in the ocean before being rescued.
Tom hadn't heard this story before, so when Walt told him he was quite surprised and said that he would like to have John sign the propeller. So, that's how Walt came to be carrying this 50 lb. propeller through the halls of the hospital in Butte! John will be leaving the hospital next week and going back to his home where he now resides in Las Vegas, so it was important that we get it signed before he left.
And now it's done and on display at the Inn.
And this tells the story of another update at the Inn. Drin has started a new tradition--Sundaes on Sunday--a time for the locals to gather at the Inn at 6:30 in the evening and have sundaes together . So tonight was our first gathering. Walt and I are both dieting so this was a very special treat for us. (I'm so proud of him as he's lost 16 pounds! Yea!)
And Jim Becker was the volunteer coffee maker for the evening--guess he must have been sitting closest--everybody kinda helps out whenever, wherever. We're all just happy to have it open again.

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