Sunday, May 31, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes. . .

I'm afraid there are more weeds in my rock garden than plants! I hate weeds.
This is the terraced garden in front of the house. I hate weeds.
There will never be weeds in this bed again. I've covered it with fabric and will put down bark.
The weeds are gone--where are the plants??? Guess they haven't popped through yet. More weeds around the outer edge. I'll get those with the weed killer. I hate weeds.
This worked out pretty well. I'm happy. No more weeds here--except in the driveway. . . . I was hoping to also finish the rock garden in the back yard, but had several interruptions during the day, so didn't get back there. Tomorrow. At least two of them are done--that's encouraging.
And this was one of my interruptions when Kirk and Isaac showed up to get the mowers going so I can mow and to get the sprinkler system up and running. Can't believe how dry it is already. I couldn't live here with Walt being gone as he is if I couldn't call on Kirk to keep everything operational. He's the greatest. My miracle worker!! Bless him--and keep him healthy!!!
Not sure this lawn mower is going to make it! At least I never did see flames. He said he would come back and work on it later. . . . It was fun to watch anyway.
We have some of the most amazing skies here in these mountains with the beautiful blue and awesome cloud formations and the light. I love photographing them. (You can click on the image to see it full-size, if you like.)


Jenny said...

great post mom! you need to put more either in your bio on the sidebar of your blog or at the top of your blog about exactly where you live- it's very unique and interesting, but people have no idea when they visit your blog! try to put it on the front so that people can see it without leaving the page!! your blog is more like kelle's in it's uniqueness, so check out her bio!

Kelle said...

Hey, take a look at our blog today, we gave you an award!
I think Jenny gave you this award also,so please just consider ours a BIG OLE' Thank you for guiding us into the blogging world!

Love your pictures, you have a wonderful eye! Maybe when Cortney has school wrapped up( this summer, she graduates, July sometime) I'll finally have more time to persue some hobbies of my own, quilting, painting, crafts and photography. I know who to talk to about the best digital equipment and hints, right *wink*

Blessings and Love,
Kelle and Cortney