Thursday, May 14, 2009

A drive through a memory. . . .

Jenny and I had a free day yesterday, so decided to take a drive up to Ft. Leavenworth where we lived for a year while Walt taught CAS cubed (?) and we waited to go to the War College in PA. This is a picture of the house we lived in. It was the original Post Commander's house and was built about 1890--or somewhere in that era. Such a beautiful house it was and right on the main parade ground. Still beautiful and serene. Ft. Leavenworth is an truly beautiful and historic Army post. It brought back lots of memories and Jenny got a little nostalgic for her "Army Brat" days! It all made me remember how seriously we thought about retiring in this area.
THEN....last evening Emily and I went with Allie to her Thespian Awards dinner where she was formally inducted as a real thespian! She's done a lot this year and had a lot of fun doing it. I think it's in her blood--sometimes we actually call her a "drama queen.!" Think of it. . . . She was also nominated out of many, many chorus members for the main stage plays as chorus member of the year--which is an award nominated and voted on by her peers. "V" said she lost by a couple points. So close....probably next year! Everybody loves Allie. Emily is really excited about working backstage as part of the "stage craft" crew. That's where her interests lie--sound, projection, set building--that kind of thing. She'll be great at that.

And here's our proud winner--and we're so proud of all she accomplishes. Besides that, she's cute!!!!

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