Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And Now---Saturday with the Gang

Boys will be Boys. That's Joshua and Matthew. In case you wondered.
It's hard to figure out how stuff ends up on the other side of the fence???
Saturday also included hair cuts or trims for all the girls. Allie is always ready for the camera:)
All Sophie wanted was a trim. . . .
Emily's liking getting her hair cut short(er) for summer.
This is how one typically sees teens: texting or bored.
I think we're forgetting what Sophie looks like! We do, however, recognize her cell phone.
We always enjoy the peace that comes with Matthew napping!!!
One of Dad's favorite helpers. They're learning a lot. That bubble looks pretty darn level, Noah.
The "planning committee" looks on with approval for the final location of the gym set. And that just about did it for Saturday--except for the evening outing for Emily, Sophie, Lauryn and me--and we went to see Star Trek!!! Loved it.

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