Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lots of Lotses at Resort Quinta Serenidad

What a way to begin a Montana mountain spring evening--with a soft, beautiful sunset.

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Our friends, Jim and Judy Lots, decided a getaway weekend was a good idea for this holiday, so brought some of the family (daughter, Jessie and family, and Hunter, Phil's son) to their favorite Montana mountain resort. Actually, they just come for the cooking!!! And we love having them. Sad to say, Walt is hard at work and is missing out on all this fun.
Here's our firemaker, Greg, getting a good bed of coals for some marshmallow toasting.
Maybe Hunter is feeling some of that mountain evening chill--when a fire feels really good!
It looks like Sophie doesn't even have to toast her marshmallows--takes too much time.
And Bella-with-the-broken-arm will be very adept at one-handed everything before she gets rid of that cast. She managed quite well to get her share of s'mores.
And here's the Coronado family: Beautiful Bella, Somber Sophie, Jessie and Greg. Frankie was fast asleep.
Getting out of Dodge (Salt Lake City) was just the thing for this family.
Judy and Hunter waiting for the perfect coals for their marshmallows.
Love those campfires.

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