Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday with the Gang

What a fun surprise! Matthew got a package today for his birthday--from Germany!!! How exciting.
And what a great gift it was from his Aunt Kate--a polizei motorcycle. And for a little boy who loves his truck/car/tractor collection he was really excited! I don't think he's put it down since.
And also a very loud noise toy which he figured out very quickly how to use! That will not be a toy that will be left in the car....
Have no clue what he was being so serious about--but I love the picture.
It didn't last long! And the "clown" returned.
And what is this being unloaded from a friend's pickup??? OMG, it's the boxes from Costco which contain the Gang's new gym set for their backyard that their Grampa got for them!! WOW. What an exciting day around here. Zack says it will take him three weekends to build it. But he's experienced--this is number three that he's assembled!
This is the committee that will decide where the gym set will be placed. Hmmmmmmm.
Some of the Gang can't wait--they'll figure it out for themselves. That's Emily being used as the base.

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