Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It all started on Thursday....

We blew into town (ran out of gas, got lost while trying to find a gas station, had to call OnStar!) and arrived at the field at 5 minutes before game time--just early enough to catch some scrimmage before they started. Whew! (All that was after a two-day, twenty-hour drive from Montana. Yes, it was worth it!)
Emily's favorite position on the team is goalie--that way she doesn't have to do all that running up and down the field! Besides that, she's very good as goalie. She had 8 saves in this game and was named MVP! Coach thinks she's super great.
Looks like we have a couple more players coming up through the ranks--starting early. Jacob really loves to play with that stick and he knows exactly what to do with it.
Josh has decided to forgo soccer and play la crosse next year also--the whole family--practically.
Zack had to come straight from work, but he's there! Visiting with Mother.
They won the game!!!
Our gorgeous girl, Emily.
Whoops. Same picture twice.
Noah is sporting wounds from a run-in with "baby brother" Matthew.... I think he got it with a shovel.... He's also our goof ball!
And then there was Saturday....
Brrrrrrrrrrr. That wind was cold. But we all trucked off to sit and watch Noah at his soccer game. They play 3 on 3 and don't count scores--just a learning experience for these little guys. So fun to watch them....if you can stay warm! At least it wasn't raining.
Matthew and Josh headed over to the play area to get their exercise. This was on top of a climbing "rock."
I think Jacob will be our next athlete--he does love those balls.
I liked this picture of Noah so much that I loaded it twice. Have no clue how to get rid of it, so there.

Break time in the game. I think Mom's helping him get warm.
Noah's right in there on top of that ball.
Go, Noah!!!
Jenny's posting pose! Yes, she has permanent pain in that hip--can't imagine why?
Emily does love that Poncho puppy. And he loves her.
Next game of the day--Joshua.
It did warm up by the afternoon. Jenny and Jacob are paying close attention to Josh on the field.
He's a real go-getter out there. On top of the ball whenever it comes his way.
Great footwork! Soccer academy is paying off.
Another break in the day.
And now for the main event of the day....
Allie's Recital!!!!
The Miller-Marley School of Dance only does a recital every other year--and it is a big event. Beautiful choreography, exquisite costumes, well-rehearsed--a first-class production. I was so excited to be able to be here to attend. She's a real star in my book.
The proud parents with their beautiful daughter. Yea, Allie! And BFF Jake with his flower gift for his favorite girl. What a cute couple! Jake, you're a really good sport for this photographer!
Sunday (Mother's Day) came after that....
Yes, even with a reservation we had to wait for 45 minutes to get to our two tables (remember there was 11 of us!) at Mimi's Cafe for our Mother's Day brunch. But it was worth it and Jacob got a little snooze on Dad's shoulder.
Matthew is ever the ham. But he was entertained while we waited for the main course. Food.
Mom does love her guys.
Now this was a surprise! These were on the front porch at Jenny's house very early on the morning of Mother's Day! I was so surprised and delighted! Daisies from the dad of my childlren! (Jenny is coveting the daisy bowl....) Thanks Walt, I love them. (All the way from Ecuador! How amazing is the internet. Love it.)
Our Jenny is so cute! Mom of seven! Wow! And blogger extraordinaire! Never would have guessed it. Life is fascinating as it unfolds.
And this mom got a gorgeous Brighton grandchildren's birthstones (including little lulu) charm bracelet from the Gang. I am thrilled. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. Thanks, Jenny.
And this mom was delightfully gifted by her guys and gals. Joshua.
Three generations of moms. Linda, Lois, Jenny.
My two charm bracelets. The first one was started while I was still in highschool--that was a long time ago! No, those are not my hands....
Matthew and Jacob taking a break in the sandbox from the day's activities. Yes, the patio ended up covered in sand. But they do love it. Nothing better than a good sandbox. Grandstand viewers at the final game of the weekend....
Sophie playing la crosse! What a girl.
Ever on the move.
The ball is in the basket on her stick! And she's going in for the ....

SCORE!!!! Wow! What a game! What a girl!

What a fabulous, wonderful, memorable weekend. Thank you to all. luv, mom

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