Saturday, April 17, 2010

Worlds of Fun!!!

We came to this park with Katie and friends about 20 years ago when we lived at Ft. Leavenworth and Katie was in high school! WOW. Today she came with her little one and hubby. Memories. little lulu loves her mama

mirror, mirror on the wall. . . .
my hands are too small to pick up all these balls!
Snow White and her apple
let's make music!
the bravest of the brave. (Noah, Josh, Allie, Sophie and Grampa) They did the Mamba!!! Even Noah! Emily did it last year--once was enough!! Katie and Bas did it--Katie's favorite ride!
naptime for the toddlers. It was a long, tiring day, but the weather was perfect and the sky was bright Kansas blue.

conference. Where to next???
the rest of the committee
Bas and Walt waiting for the decision
the guys. the rest of us were making our 'candy stop.' They have the best fudge and this place is always a stop for us. Everybody gets to pick out something. . . .
Matthew likes the lollipops--the really big ones!
It was worth repeating!!!
Matthew can hardly wait till he's big enough to take on the Patriot. It's going to be awhile!
Luna's into chasing the boys! Uh-Oh. I got this on video also. It was cute!
Jacob--always so thoughtful. . . .
That baby must be coming soon--really soon! I can't believe Jenny is maintaining the pace she's doing. Tomorrow is the baby shower. (Caleb is due in about two weeks.) I love parties almost as much as I love amusement parks with the kids! What a great day this was. All of our family together. A wonderful blessing.

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