Friday, April 2, 2010

Lunch with my Quilting Buddies

Joan brought her FINISHED !! winter project quilt! Looks pretty darn good. Congrats on completion.
Ellen brought this wall hanging for "show and tell"-- a project she was working on at our last group work day. Finished and beautiful! Love the bird on it.
Ellen brought this table runner she made as representative of the many she has made lately. She's actually worn out a rotary cutter with all her projects-------NOBODY wears out a rotary cutter!
This is my most recent project--love the 40's character of the fabrics. Not sure I have time for table runners!
We decided to do blocks for a friendship quilt and started out with basket blocks--everybody is done but me!!! Next we're going to do tulip blocks. This will be an on-going, long-term project, to say the least! But what fun it will be in the end to have a quilt made up of blocks stitched by our quilting friends. A treasure. A real keepsake.
Then we had lunch! Yea for lunch. We weren't working today, so we had a very leisurely lunch and even had wine! It was delightful. So nice to be among friends.

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BellaRosePhotography said...

Love the yellow roses!! Gorgeous as usual :)