Sunday, April 25, 2010

DD for DDD -- and more

Dunkin' Donuts for Drizzly, Dreary Days!!! And today is one--the whole weekend, actually. So it seemed a perfect to indulge in -- SUGAR!!
They don't have one of these in Polaris. . . . (Admit it -- makes you want to run out and get donuts!!!)
DD for the Gang requires 18!!! But what a treat.
Jacob ate one and a half all by himself!
And Matthew -- well, a picture is worth a thousand words -- and certainly worth 10!
Josh loves that chocolate -- and he's on his way to Urgent Care with strep. But, you know, donuts are soft. . . .
Gather round! Get your donuts here! Sophie actually got out of bed for donuts -- at 10:00!
Noah is not going to miss a single sprinkle.
Oh, Jacob -- that's what sugar does to me, too.
Big brother, Josh, is good for some comfort -- a soft tummy.
Furniture delivery on Monday, but Matthew appears to be perfectly comfortable on the floor.
Emily got bored so decided to make a batch of the family favorite "Snickerdoodles." Yum. Yum. I remember making these and sending them to Jenny in college at Missoula. Long time and 8 babies ago!
Allie's always good for a laugh. . .
. . . and hamming it up!
Now we know -- Josh is actually into shopping! No more toys for him. They do grow up . . . .

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