Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day at the ZOO!!

This is how little lulu started her day at the zoo! She must still be dealing with jet lag.
A beautiful pair of trumpeter swans.
Sophie and Jacob. I love 'rear' shots.
Sea lions at play.
The boys are chasing a goose--you can see his wing span. (Remember, you can click on the images to see them full size.)
Matthew looking so grown up. Josh, Walt and Jenny ahead of him.
Conference time with a couple of the boys.
Love this gorilla image.
Jacob and Luna testing each other. Luna calls Jacob 'the baby.' (He is four months younger than she!)
A pair of vultures. Cool image.
Luna, Bas, Emily, Matthew, Jacob, Noah. Some kind of very giant turtle.
I love these tunnel shots. Emily is on the left, Katie on right and Walt far ahead with Jacob in the stroller.
Bas, Luna, Katie.
A pair of hippos at rest. I also love water reflection images. Today was a beautiful day.
Luna and her pretzel snack. She's so goofy about having her picture taken--as soon as she sees a camera, she will turn her head.
Cool picture of Matthew.
Lunch time.
We went back to the sea lions show. The kids loved it. Well. We all did.

Looks like another conference.
Love those purple trees.
Another rest and snack break.
WOW!! Gorgeous image. Beautiful McCaw.
Noah really liked this fellow and wanted his picture taken with him!
We walked right in with the kangaroos. Must have been 20 or 30 of them. Fun!
Such beautiful scenery. This Zoo is really great.
I decided I wanted a group photo. Good luck.
Well, most of them look pretty good.
It got worse.
Last Zoo photo. Such a pretty little girl.

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