Monday, April 19, 2010

Why Grandparents Look Forward To Going Home At Night!!!

These boys are busy beyond your wildest imaginings. . . I'mt not at all sure how Emily keeps up with them. (I'm having problems with this post--some technical difficulties here.)
Noah was building a ball roller coaster with the croquet set. . . Sophie was practicing -- everything: basketball, wave boarding, roller skating, etc. Josh was trying to keep up with her! These two (Matthew and Jacob--what a pair) got hold of the croquet mallets and went a little wacho--that's an understatement. Check it out on video below! Amazing one of them didn't accidentally hit the other. Josh has to go outside to practice! Wonder what he does in the winter. . . . You will want to take a couple minutes to watch these videos I took today of the kids--then you will understand the title of this post--totally understand. (Walt and I are staying in a hotel right now because of the remodeling going on in the house. Along with everything else.)

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