Monday, March 8, 2010

Hangar Work Begins

This is the very dull, boring, but very comfortable tv room. The airplane prints on the wall are what we decided to use as design inspiration.
These are the before pictures. We opted not to use that cool clock--colors were not what were portrayed in the catalog.
The chair is gone.
Super heavy pieces! Glad we have some strong backs around.
The boss is working on his new chair--you know that Ikea stuff--some assembly required.

Now do we get out the directions????
Well, at least he didn't have to start over from the beginning!
Looks pretty comfy!
Time to go to work.
I thought this was gray.
Does this look gray?
My faithful helper. We whooped this out--two coats--in one day. We will begin to put it back together today. Can hardly wait to see what we think.
The entry hall is beginning to take on some personality. Not quite done. Gotta find just the right umbrella.
This powder room on the main floor is absolutely beautiful.
Turned out so great. However, when I was here a year ago. . .
it looked like this!!!! This is now the condition of the bathroom on the second floor.
And, no, it won't be done before I leave.
Will have to wait till next trip to see the result. Love the beautiful blue tile.
The sun porch is also one of my projects. We're getting some stuff out there,
so it's beginning to take on some personality. Gotta get out the sewing machine! Stay tuned for updates!

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