Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Day at Home with little lulu

So, I'll start with pictures of Katie and Bas' house. It sits on a small lake--where Bas is NOT able to fish--yes, there is a fish story involved! A German fish story! They have a delightful backyard and patio area with quite a few gardening spots for Katie where she's planted a whole lot of spring bulbs. No, they haven't started coming up yet, but very soon, I'm sure.

The house they live in is a duplex with a full basement and a garage and storage shed.
The front of the house. No, Luna's not quite big enough yet to take advantage of the basketball hoop!
Katie does a really lovely job of seasonal decorating at her front door--kind of inbetween seasons just now--time to do spring.
Luna just out of bed thinking she might yet fill her mama's boots!
It's always worth a try.
She's cute anyway!!!
Look, mom, I can do my own hair!
Katie went shopping this day to find a new dress to wear to Angela's wedding in April.
This is the Fisher Price Little People House that Walt and I sent her for Christmas. A little different 34 years later than the one Katie had as a toddler which was always a favorite, but still fun. The one for Katie is one of the few toys that I saved and we have now at home for kids when they come. Wish now I had saved more things. . . .

Little ones at play. Such a delight.
Bored??? Probably!
One raisin. Two raisins. Three raisins. . . .
How many more?
Heck with the spoon!
Love this. Sunshine.
And this especially.

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