Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Day in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

I guess it was about an hour's drive from Katie's house to Rothenburg, so it was a perfect opportunity for Luna to take a little nap. . . . Yes, that is her finger in her nose. . . .
Most of you will never see this famous scene like this--sans tourists. One lonely shopper on the street. I actually have one image that has no people in it!!!
This bakery has a display of the Rothenburg specialty called "schneebollen"--snowballs. We bought some--they're good. Worth trying.
Notice Luna's laidback pose! She knows she's there for the day.
This German artisan does woodburning designs of a variety of wooden items. And on some of them he also paints. Katie and Bas gave us a Loendorf name placque to hang by our front door by this same artist.
This is the Rathaus on the main platz. We happened to be there at 1:00 so the glockenspiel was playing. Notice the open windows on either side of the clock. The windows open, the figures move out ad the music plays.
I think the one in Munich is the most famous.
Now the windows are closed. Music has stopped.
This is the Kathe Wolfhart Christmas Store. The one across the street from this one is actually the original, but it was closed--looked like they were doing major rearranging. This is the off-season, so guessing it will reopen by Easter.
You can see in this photo that Rothenburg is on a hill! Most of the buildings look like this! On a bit of a slant.
This is one of the main buildings on the main platz--Katie could tell you exactly what it is--I don't remember. On the fartherst left you can see the awning on the Kathe Wolfhart store.
This is the Hotel Iron Hat! Eisenhut.
This photo we took on the outside of one of the gates to the walled city--it's actually a little park.
This is the edge of the park. In the distance you can see the Rothenburg and down below this little wall flows the River Tauber. It does kind of an oxbow thing down there in that valley.
Love this image of Katie and Luna with Rothenburg softly in the background.
This is a view of Rothenburg with the river down below. (Remember, you can click on these images to enlarge them to full size.)
This building was all the way across the little valley. It was a rainy, cloudy day, but I love the softness of the images.
This was a little walkway in this park area. I'm sure it is beautiful in summer when it's covered with this vine.
Katie and I were experimenting with my camera getting this view of the valley through this opening in the wall.
I have a thing about trees, and this one is pretty cool.
These are houses down in the valley along the river.
The gate going back into the city.
Typical, but really special building with the paintings on the wall--very Bavarian.
This is typical of the winter decorations in a window box.
The shop where we bought Luna's dirndl--which was so cute, but she had such a fit when we put it on her--until she got candy!!!
I love the European signs.
Another view of this famous place, but it doesn't show the gate down below on the right--no people!!!
This shows the other gate, but also has people.
This is the outside wall as we were leaving. There are tons more places to see in Rothenburg which are all very famous but we didn't visit. We were mostly there for lunch and to buy a couple nutcrackers at Kathe Wolfhart's for my collection. But what a delight. I love Germany! What a privilege it was to live here. I continue to be thankful for and blessed by our Army life.

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