Sunday, August 2, 2009

Send In The Cavalry!

Walt just got word from David that he's planning on coming on Tuesday or Wednesday to "help" get in our firewood for this winter. The only thing that Walt is going to be doing is directing David to the locations where we normally cut--or at least I hope that's all he will be doing! But you know how it is with guys--even guys with 9 broken ribs and a broken scapula. (It's possible that Ty will also be coming. They might get enough wood for two years with all this help!)

So, Walt is doing better. We are slowly, but surely, moving back into the rest of our house and into our routine. He is still sleeping in the hospital bed, but has found a couple other comfortable places in the house where he can spend some time, so that is good. His office chair is comfortable, so he can sit there and do computer stuff. His chair in the library is fairly comfortable, so he can watch tv there for awhile. And our chairs in the prow window area are comfortable, so we can sit there in the morning and drink coffee. Just getting back to some of those routine things is healing. But it's going to be awhile. He's still taking percocet for the pain and he is never a pill taker, so that tells me a lot.

He plans to go back to work about 23 August, so that gives him about three more weeks to heal and it has already been almost two weeks (on Tuesday), so that's about right as doc says probably six weeks for bone healing. His work in Ecuador certainly isn't strenuous.

And I am finally working on my photos from London and Paris, so I will be posting a few of those here in the near future. Keep checking!

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BellaRosePhotography said...

I am so glad to hear that you guys are recovering. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! I cannot wait to see your London pics!