Friday, August 7, 2009

The Cavalry Has Arrived--Cuttin' and Cookin'

I can't start this post without including this amazing rainbow from a couple days ago. We are probably having the wettest summer on record (!!), but this rainbow was truly unique. I love photographing the skies here--sunrise, sunset, storms, rainbows. Lovely and beautiful.
So, this was David's initial chain saw "lesson." He's doing pretty darn good and Walt and Ty are letting him get lots of practice. . . .
It frequently takes two to do an efficient job of bringing down a tree--and a crew boss, of course!
And when you get as sweaty and overworked as Ty obviously is, then it's time to take a much-needed break. And what a lovely spot in which to do it. (It's the aspen grove beside the house and we call it "the park.") And whatever you do, don't get dehydrated. . . .
OK. So now they're ready to move on to bigger and better--just think of the chunks of firewood they can get out of this baby--or big daddy!
So David decides to give it a try.
(Whoops! I guess I loaded this one twice.)
Now this is probably half an hour into the process and some are beginning to wonder if it's ever going to come down. So they decided to use a come-along to help it. (This tree is a pine beetle-killed tree on a neighbor's property.)
David is now trying a crow bar to try to pry open the cut in order to help it along. Push, David! (If you click on the images, you can see them full-size and you can see Ty working the come-along---directly in the path of the falling tree!!!)
I took a whole series of pictures of the tree as it was falling and have posted several of them here in order to give one an idea of what it was like--it came down in slow motion--it was in no hurry--heck, at this point they had been at it for about an hour! Hard work, to say the least. David is getting out of the way--fast. Ty is watching it come down on top of him. . . . Everybody is yelling at him!
He still is standing there. You can't really get an idea of how big this tree is. Huge.
Now the real work begins! Cleaning off the branches and then cutting it into firewood chunks. Boy, did they earn their fresh wild salmon dinner.

WOW! We had to do a lot of sawing to get that daddy down. There was hardly anything left keeping it standing. Amazing. Ty said it was the hardest tree he's ever brought down.
And this is a view of our beautiful valley that I captured as I was on my way home to start dinner.
So. Everybody slept well, but Ty promised us the best biscuits in the world this morning, so he had to get up early to get started. He was hard at work well before I even started my first cup of coffee. And some know what that means. . . .
Gotta get them shaped just so.
This was very intense work.
I know. . .they're upside down, but they sure do look good!
David's hard at work on his computer (actually, he was researching something about WWII and the 30th Division. . .part of their morning conversation while waiting for breakfast). And the beginning of another day---of hard work! And the crew boss will make sure they do it right!

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