Friday, August 14, 2009

Work Those Brothers!!!

Another day of work around the home place for the brothers. Amazing what they accomplished! Sure was a good thing they had the ATV or Ty might have packed up and gone home on the spot.
Even the wood cart helped make the work easier. Well, a little easier.
David is now a woodcutter extraordinaire! He's earned his chain saw diploma.
The crew boss needed to take a break after watching such exhausting work. . . . (Actually, the fluid in his lung was making it difficult for him to breathe properly, so he didn't have much energy. He went to the dr on Tuesday who aspirated a quart and half of fluid from his lung. He's now breathing a little easier, but was told absolutely he is not to get on an airplane before 8 weeks post-accident--that will be about 15 September. Guess he's getting more summer break than he planned. He's feeling well enough to go back to work, so he's more than a little bummed.)
It's awful high up here. . . . Hold that ladder steady.
What a great time those brothers had. Lots of laughter. And you know, laughter is the best medicine. . . . Very healing.

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Loneviking said...

Do those brothers a favor. Go here:

and buy them this 'chainsaw buddy' to cut up those pesky small logs that make great kindlin'. I use one and it was worth every penny!