Sunday, August 9, 2009

32 YEARS SOBER. . . . NO MORE!!!

Drinks for everyone! Set 'em up, bartender! Cuttin' and splittin' wood at Walt's house has made me awful dry, and that brother David is a hard taskmaster!

Thus we see the start of the slide of a once reformed tippler, and we all know where this leads. . . .

Yup! Landed Ty right back in the hoosegow. He's beggin' for help to get away from those hardcore gold miners (and even the ghost of Sheriff Plummer!) who are in there with him.

I guess we all know where this road leads. . . .

The local boothill. Got a space reserved for every hardcore drinker who thinks he can escape this inevitable end.

Wait a minute! There might be a way out after all???
Yup! You guessed it! He's joined the hallelujah gang! Saved from the grip of the demon drink!

Preach it, Brother!!!

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