Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bye Bye Skunks!!

This is the storage shed which used to harbor nesting skunks every year. Well, I've had enough. So Kirk came in and moved the shed and poured a cement slab so I won't ever again have to deal with a skunk anywhere near our house. (I hope. . . .) (At least that's my plan!) The cement is cured so yesterday he came to move the shed to its new foundation.
Our hard-at-work contractor.
With a little help from David!
And Ty!
WOW! I'm impressed! Looks great. Now all we have to do is rebuild the entrance to the "cat house." (I'll let you ponder that one. . . .)
David is making friends with Mildred (a.k.a. Millie). She loves everybody!
After that they got to the real work of the day--splitting the logs they cut the day before. No way am I ever going to be able to lift one of those hummers into the fireplace--I think they weigh more than I do!
Man the hammer.
They had to take turns. (I'm thinking next time they will look for some lodgepole pines that rarely max 12 inches diameter. This was way too much work!!!)
But that woodshed surely is gettin filled up! WOW! Loving it. Thanks Ty and David. You're the greatest! And they have earned their rest.

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