Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reports of My Demise Are Premature!!! I'm Blowing This Joint!!!

These pics are me prepped to go down to the Cath Lab for an angiogram yesterday. The angiogram came out clean as a whistle--strong heart, clean arteries. Couldn't ask for a better report and I am thrilled. Now we have to deal with the SVT issue, but that is minor compared to what we thought we were dealing with. It's been a long three days--since this incident was set in motion on Sunday midday.
So we are in the process of getting ready to check out and head home. We're working on getting an appt set up for Walt this afternoon with doc to do a chest xray of his punctured lung to be sure the repair of that is holding, and also to redo his dressings of the chest tube site. Tonight we will be back at home and he will be sleeping comfortably in his hospital bed that was brought in to us. We will both be relieved to be done with all of this and spend these next weeks recovering from our joint ordeals! I will be meeting with my primary care doc in the next couple weeks to work out whatever we're going to do about my heart condition.

WOW! We are so aware of Whose Hands we've been in these last days. What a blessed peace to know that whatever happens we are in complete care of our heavenly Father. And a huge thank you to everyone who has held us up in prayer through these days.

We're going home!!!


BellaRosePhotography said...

Such great news! Greg's parents planned to come here next week while I am off, but that is now up in the air. Would you guys mind some visitors if his parents don't come? I would love to come and see how you are all doing:) Will you feel well enough to cook by then hahahaha! Joking, only joking!

Rachel said...

Sooo thankful you're headed home for some much needed R&R! :)

Jenny said...

DON'T really like to see you two in hospital beds ;-) DON'T do that again!!!

nadofamily said...

Ditto what Jenny said...the Lotses and Loendorfs are supposed to do this growing old(er) thing together...OK? No more getting sick on us.

Judy said...

Haven't figured out this whole thing in case you're wondering, the nadofamily is me---your best buddy, Judy!