Friday, February 25, 2011

Wednesday Work Day

 Whenever our quilt group gathers we always begin our day with show and tell - those projects we've been working on and they're done!  This is Drin's sunflower quilt that she finished this past week and brought to our Wednesday Work Day.  It is gorgeous and her setting is really very interesting.  She did great!
 Ellen and I both started this "spring quilt" this week.  It is so lovely.  I had enough time to go ahead and finish mine and took it to the quilter today.  It will be my next "show and tell."
 Several years ago I was at the quilt shop in Bozeman and found these screen printed cowboy prints and couldn't resist them.  Problem was they didn't come with a pattern, so it took me awhile to decide what I was going to do with them and what setting would best show them off.  I finally made a decision and finished this quilt top yesterday.  I love it.  Can hardly wait to have it finished.  It will be one of my "treasures."
 The printed blocks are each and every one a work of art - literally!
 Each one is different and unique.  Sort of tells a story about our Montana cowboys by a Montana artist.
 And of course, when we have a work day we always must have lunch!  Hooray for lunch and an opportunity to set a table.  For me that's fun.  It was a cold, snowy winter day, so I decided it would be a good opportunity to look forward to spring.  I dug around and found this old cloth that was my grandmother's and decided it would be perfect.  The red plates with bright green napkins were bright and cheerful.
The hands are actually meant to hang on the wall as coat or hat hangers!  They're fun and I bought them last year at Nell's in Atchison, Kansas, especially to use them on a table.  I was sure I had some funky, cheap red beads, to drape around the hands, but alas, not to be found, so used these bangles instead. 

Mr. (Chef) Emge made lunch for us - seafood gumbo which was amazingly delicious.  We're still waiting for the recipe  8-)  as we all especially liked it.  YUMMY.  We followed that with cajun bread pudding which also turned out quite well.  We were stuffed when we finished (Drin brought dinner rolls) and could hardly make it back up the stairs to go to work.

It was a great Wednesday work day - and we're looking forward to our next gathering - and show and tell!!

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Danielle said...

The cowboy quilt is stunning, I love it.