Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quilts! Winter Work

What better to do in winter when there is about three feet of snow on the ground than spend my days in my work room.  What I found in my work room was a stack of finished quilts.  So if they're finished, why are they stacked in my work room???  Well, sort of finished.  Finished except for the binding on the edge of each quilt.  I won't tell you how long they've been stacked there.  Suffice to say, they were rather dusty!  So I decided that I would not touch a new project until I finished what I had already started.

They're done.  And here they are!

 This is my Wild Dog quilt.  It was fun doing, but had a LOT of handwork with all the applique.  When I finished it I took it to Laura Heine in Billings.  Laura is an internationally known quilt artist and fabric designer.  The back of the quilt which shows off her work is very much a work of art.  I'm not sure which side I will display!

 I absolutely fell in love with this red with orchids fabric, so then I had to find a pattern which really showcased it.  I think this worked fairly well.
 This was a really fun project.  My mother, sister and I got together, brought our collections of Asian/Oriental fabrics which we shared, and spent two days together cutting and sewing.  We had a great time and each had a lovely quilt top when we were done.
 This was just for fun.  I love bright, colorful, funky and fun and I like this pattern.
 My quilt buddies and I got together last fall and spent a day working on this pattern for our Christmas quilts.  WOW.  They are all so different!  We had fun.  This is my version.  Wish you could see the others!
 The flowers in the center of this quilt are origami (folded-fabric, 3D) flowers.  This was a "round robin" quilt I that was done by our quilting group at the quilt shop in town.  I also had this quilted by Laura Heine - another work of art on the back!
 Just for fun!
 This was another group project day.  We all did the same pattern with our own selection of fabrics.  It's amazing how different they look with different fabrics.
But now I have a huge problem.  This is my quilt cupboard - it is FULL.  What on earth am I going to do with all my newly (really!) finished quilts?  It's a problem.

Oh well.  I'll probably start a new one anyway!  I had lunch with my quilt buddies today and we planned out our winter projects for this year.  NO.  When I have finished them I will NOT leave them stacked ANYWHERE without binding.  Never again.   ;-)


Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your gift. I just don't have the eye for the colors, nor the patience for the work. Thank you for giving us something beautiful to admire.

Kelle said...

All of them are beautiful! Now to get to the point where I can start working on some quilting projects in the winter months. I have plenty of patterns, books and even fabric, it's the time I'm lacking.

Are any of these hand quilted, or are they all done on a long arm? I'm going to be "Old fashioned"*wink* and hand quilt the quilts I make, so it won't be nearly as many as you get done each winter. If I get one done a winter that will be fine. :o)

Thanks for sharing them with all of us, beautiful, just beautiful

Linda said...

Thanks, Kelle. I used to hand quilt all my quilts and I love the process, but it is a LONG process and it seems I'm always inspired by some new pattern or fabric, so I've pretty much given up on that and just make the tops and then have them "electrically" (!) quilted. Thanks for the compliment. Hope you will find the time eventually. It is such a satisfying endeavor. I think I hand quilted Cortney's baby quilt???