Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heavy Snow!

 YES!  It's VERY heavy and Kirk spent today going around to different places in the valley shoveling snow off roofs so they won't collapse.  He and his helper are working on the roof of our downstairs patio.  There's at least 3 feet of snow they're moving off.   
 I wish I had gone down below and snapped a pic of them working.  It was pretty impressive.  And there is already damage to the structure, but at least it didn't collapse.
 This is the front porch after he shoveled a whole lot of snow off the roof here.  Again, I missed a "before" photo!  We had ice dams building up here even with heat tape.
 It was warm enough today that I was able to get a good portion of this part of the deck cleared off.  Such a delight to sit here in the warm sun and drink some hot chocolate!
 I won't be doing any shoveling on this pile of snow.  It's laden with ice and will have to melt off - I'm hoping by May or June!!!
A lot of snow this year.  Love it!  It's better when it reaches the top of the trampoline frame!  I'm still hopeful.  It's only February!!!

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Lakisha Autin said...

Wow! That’s a lot of snow! I remember when we experienced a heavy snow fall during winter. I was worried sick about my roof because I thought it would give away. When the coast was clear, we started clearing the snow on the roof and the deck. From then on, I make sure that the whole house is prepared before this season. [Lakisha Autin]