Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guess Who Came To Dinner!

Michelle Bachman.  She is a wonderful and inspiring speaker.  It was a real privilege to have her come address this gathering - the Lewis and Clark County Lincoln/Reagan Dinner in Helena.  But before Michele spoke to us Denny Rehberg arrived to announce that he is running against Jon Tester as the U.S. Senator from Montana.  2012 promises to be an interesting race - sure is starting early!

 Denny Rehberg announcing his run against Jon Tester.
 Michelle Bachman with her very inspirational address.
This is a photo of Steve Daines and his wife, Cindy, and children with Michelle.  Steve has declared his intention to run for the seat in the House of Representatives for Montana.  Walt and I are strong "Steve Daines" supporters.


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WOW! is right. That's how I felt, too. And yes, I did have the opportunity to visit with her (sort of!) and had a photo taken with her which they will eventually send to me. I'm impressed!