Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sterling Goes To The Capitol

(That's like "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.")  Jan Litton's son, Sterling Small, (Jan is my cousin in Billings) at 28 years of age was elected to the Montana State House of Representatives from HD 41 (that's in the eastern part of the state) for this two-year term.  So I decided I better come check on how he's doing.  Besides I've never sat in on the Legislature in session, so that sounded like a really good idea.  Besides that, I will be attending the Lincoln Day Dinner tonight at which Michelle Bachman will be the keynote speaker.   Hmmmm.

 I started off visiting the Hearing Room for the Business and Labor Committee of which Sterling is a member.

 He took me down to the floor of the House Chamber so I could get a photo of him at his desk.  Very handsome and official looking.
 This is a view from the Visitors Gallery of the House Chamber in session.  The mural/painting is a very famous C.M. Russell and has interesting stories attached to it.  (You have to come visit the Capitol!)

 The voting board all lit up showing the member's votes.
 Jeff Welborn is speaking on the floor.  Jeff represents the District where we live.  He was introducing the Dillon Junior Fiddlers who performed during the session - but I lost the photo.  Dang it.  It went off somewhere.  It's certainly not here anymore!!!
 Guess we don't need these anymore. . . .
 We have an incredibly beautiful Capitol building.  Here follows some of the colorful details from the main hall. 

 This is a view directly up into the center of the Capitol dome.

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