Friday, July 24, 2009

Bannack Reflections

Bannack is an extremely well preserved and protected "ghost town" in southwestern Montana. It was established in 1862 when gold was discovered in Grasshopper Creek and subsequently became the first territorial capital of the Montana Territory. It is located about 20 minutes from where we live, and it is a popular place where we frequently take visitors. Our grandchildren love to visit especially during Bannack Days in July when the town is filled with period-dressed folks demonstrating crafts and activities from that time. So, of course, when we all gathered here for a "family reunion" with some of the Lots family, we loaded up one day and all headed over there. (We still can't believe that Jim is the only one of the entire Lots family who had ever been there. . . .;) We all had a really great time, it was a fabulously beautiful day with bright blue sky and fluffy clouds floating around--a photographer's dream--and there were several of us photographers who took tons of photos. I have a thing about reflection images--either in water or windows--so am posting here some of those window reflection images that I captured that day. So fun. (Remember that you can click on the individual images if you want to really see the detail--Blogger images are way too small!)

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Jenny said...

AWESOME pics mom!