Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Day. . . .

Walt with his nurse, Vicky. We think she's not only delightful, funny and fun, but also very efficient. Walt is in a lot of pain from the broken shoulder blade (scapula) and is more comfortable with his arm supported and close to his body. This was Vicky's solution with a sheet that happened to be handy!!! (It didn't work very well, but she tried--patient comfort first priority--she's a cool lady.)
So, now this is how we take our little walks around the hospital hallways. Cute, huh?!!!

We are hopeful that he will be able to come home tomorrow. Doc will be to see him in the morning after they do another xray to check the condition of his affected lung. We're hoping for the best. Meanwhile, we are working on getting a hospital bed out to the house--there is absolutely no way he will be able to get into and out of our beds. It is extremely difficult and painful for him to get into his hospital bed with the back straight up--a regular bed is out of the question. And I think I've pretty much made the decision that there is no way I will be able to leave him alone to go to Billings to my dr. appt on Monday. It is what it is. You know. Life happens. We are in a place now where we do what we have to do. (I'm tired of driving anyway!!!)

This is what I came home to this evening. My wild yellow rose bush is absolutely stunning. I love this week or so when this bush is in full bloom. So beautiful. This bush was brought over from Ireland by the grandmother of one of our neighbors. It's one of my treasures and July joys. And take a look at my beautiful peony bushes--about the one thing the deer won't eat!!! This whole place is so awesomely beautiful during these days of summer and fall. I love sitting out on the dining room porch enjoying my morning coffee, listening to the delightful birdsong and watching the sun rise over the Sawtooth Mountain. I am so excited about the building and completion of our summer house (a permanent screened-in log structure in the backyard by the pond.) It will be lovely to sit out there (sans mosquitos) and enjoy the sounds of Walt's wonderful rock waterfall project.

(Wait until I rhapsodize about winter!)

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Jenny said...

wow! scary to see dad like THAT!