Thursday, July 9, 2009

London and Paris--Thanks for the Memories--Wonderful Memories!

People. Places. Fun. Awe.
Allie and I are back in the States. Arrived in Kansas on Sunday afternoon. Tried to rest up a little on Monday--yeah, right! On Tuesday Jenny and I and 8 kids (yikes!!!) in two vehicles headed west--18 hours later we finally arrived in Billings, MT, at my mother's where we all crashed and spent the night. Wednesday we made the relatively short drive on home--here to our beautiful Grasshopper Valley. Zack will come tomorrow for a few days. The rest of our "family" (Jim and Judy Lots and daughter Jessie and her three little girls--we will be missing you, Greg) will arrive from Salt Lake for the weekend. We are going to have a wonderful, long-overdue reunion. I am so excited. Then on the following Saturday and Sunday Jenny and I and our eight passengers will head east back to Kansas. We will do a very sedate two ten-hour days to get there. . . .

And then after I return from that trip, I will have time to sit at this computer, look at my images from our fabulous trip to London and Paris and maybe even post some of them. I got a few good ones. . . .

Au Revoir!! for awhile. (I will be doing some serious food preparation these next few days!!!) (I love the chaos of this house full of family and fun.)

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