Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving With The "Gang!"

Allie had a hair appointment the next morning after we arrived, so we decided to tag along and take pictures.
She had a lot of hair cut off--and it looks gorgeous--but then, she always does!
Zack made his "famous" bagel sandwiches for us our first night there--one of my most favorite things--yummy!
This is Sophie's goofy little dog, Tigger, and this is how he lies in his bed while the family is eating dinner--well, sort of in his bed. . . .
Jacob was playing while he was eating--sort of eating! Good thing he gets a bath every night.

Sophie made the very most delicious ginger snaps and "Grampa" supervised--that's his most favorite cookie! And she's a super-duper cookie maker.
Cutie patootie!
Post-dinner clean-up. . . .
Whoops! Joshua's hair is getting way too long--must get it cut!!!
Our turkey stuffers. I know--you thought I was going to say, "our turkeys!!!"
The whole Gang and Grampa talking to Luna and Aunt Kate in Germany. What fun!
What a miracle is the internet and e-mail and e-photos and blogging and facebook and skype. What did we ever do without it. . . . Just don't know how Walt and I lived in Europe for four years with nothing but snail-mail and occasional extremely expensive phone calls. Seriously.
Allie is busy with a computer project. Our cute little fashionista.
And here's another of our cooks. Emily always makes the filling for our pumpkin pies and here she is preparing a pre-dinner snack tray.
She and Sophie collaborated on this little work of art!!!
They look pretty proud of themselves! And it was good besides--there wasn't much left.
Early stages of table-setting.
I'd say Jenny did a pretty darn good job. (She takes after her mother!!)
Our fashionista again.
We went out this evening to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa so some of the Gang decided to write letters to Santa.
Noah and Sophie are hard at work--I'm sure they've been very good so Santa will bring them everything on their list--maybe?? I think so!
This is Joshua's letter to Santa. Wonder where he got the idea for this???!!!!!!

The handsome Gang Guys with Santa.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all!

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