Friday, November 20, 2009

A Story

I've had a comment about my weird (fun) approach to jewelry fashion, so I have to tell a story here.

Here's a picture. Visualize this. It is the middle of winter and we got 8 inches of snow overnight (can hardly wait). I have to go to town and the snow plow hasn't been out yet. Obviously, there's a bunch of people that have ventured out ahead of me, but there is only one set of tracks in this new snow. Every person who has been over this road has driven it in exactly the same place that every one has taken who has gone before. Here's where the fun begins. There is absolutely no way that I can even force myself to drive in that set of tracks. I will either go to the right or to the left of that set of tracks and drive there, but I simply cannot drive where they have driven. The truth is that I will usually drive to the right of those tracks--on the edge(!), of course.

And that is how I try to live my life--my philosophy. Don't live in the rut. You know the old saw about a "rut" being an open-ended grave!!! Yup. I love picture stories.

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